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Coming to with the hid stitched to skin.
In a corridor of infinite sin
Men with ruptured eyes conjure an end and they point to the blood soaked niche.
What I’d give just to forget
The cracking whip that splits the skin
The rustic chains that twist and clench
Bodies churn in the lake of icy blood
I have forsaken all that I loved.
I will stand as the beaten horse but I will fall as the ones before
Endless pain
Begging for help, begging for death
No god that reigns, no son that shines
Gasping for air as we’re smothered in fire
the beast stands above but doesn’t permit us to die.
All that we’ve lost all that we’ve gave
our lives were nothing but a serpents game.
Salvation is lost as we pled in our own doom.
When will this war be over for us?
Violence and pain, anger and rage.
Weep for me father as I am (forever) lashed.
My mangled hands can’t cradle the dying dove.
All I know is tragedy, all I’ve learned is death and anxiety.
And if there is any meaning to this life.
then there is meaning in my suffering.


from All I've Learned is Death and Anxiety, released October 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Open Graves Fairmont, West Virginia

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