All I've Learned is Death and Anxiety

by Open Graves

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2 years of being a band and the best of friends.


released October 24, 2013

Recorded by Brett Carpenter of Ancient Shores. 2013
Vocals- Aaron
Guitar- Danno
Guitar- Mike
Bass- Seth
Ol drums- Brandon aka "The B-Rad"



all rights reserved


Open Graves Fairmont, West Virginia

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Track Name: Discomfort
This void belongs to me and me alone.
I won't conform
I won't give in
Waist deep in oblivion
I am aware I cannot be loved
So kick me when i’m down, damaged, ugly, broken hearted.
head in my hands
heart on my sleeve
this has become a disease
blood on my hands
no heart beating
this is a fucking curse
Everything is empty
it's all changed into something more meaningful than us
every possession lost
every value destroyed
suffering from hunger
hourly expecting extinction
drowning in oblivion
I've grown strong enough to turn the knife on myself
I'd build the house of bones
I'd fill the moat with blood
Just to keep them safe at night
There’s nothing to chance
I do not belong.
Track Name: Constant
Memories and backgrounds will cease.
As history and timelines repeat
Waiting for you to abide and justify all reasonings and logic of blood filled malice enmity
Flooding our cherished streets with poverty led agony.
Born to refuse.
The political conscience has fallen to it’s knees
any reminisce of humanity, sold out.
The spoils of war will consume our great king.
The greed we harbor will destroy all we seek.
My hands will haunt the earth.
You can’t put a fucking price on my head.
I’ve got no heart to break, I’ve got no soul to steal.
Track Name: Black Medicine
Needle to vein, wasting life.
Playing the victim, blaming the others.
Another drug to pass the time
Another fuck to ease your mind.
There is no escape for you.
We’re just a drenching from heaven
but only heartbeats from hell.
Praying to help to a god so divine that he ceases to exist.
Her screams of silence fill my emptiness.
Is there no vengeance for manipulation?
Do we sit idly by as drones or do we flatten the face of narcissism?
My knuckles will flood, flesh will bruise, pain is reward to my belief.
This means you are my bitter muse beaten and breathless

Reap my integrity
Burn all you’ve loved
Plant the better seed
Bloom the death of me.
Track Name: The Living End
Walked with brothers in arms
laid them down to sleep
Shook the hands of the fathers
left our mothers to weep
No light will shine on our nameless tombs
In human affairs things must go wrong
The wish for perfection is pain
Holy mouths summon plagues
our darkest of days
Man has trapped himself and nothing can save him now.
Endlessly we will grieve searching for the key
I am nothing more than a faceless cog in the machine of misery
The eternal war cry of the beast
We have nothing left
We are nothing.
Endlessly they will thrive
surrendering their freedoms for the answer to life
We will not spare the exposed
Witnessing our burning monarch cut his own throat
Fear is the all controlling element
the whip, the snare, the crown of thrones
the spear that cannot be denied
Our punishment, the whip, the snare, the hand of goats
our sins that cannot be reprieved
There is nothing waiting for you when you die.
Track Name: Blood Falls
Coming to with the hid stitched to skin.
In a corridor of infinite sin
Men with ruptured eyes conjure an end and they point to the blood soaked niche.
What I’d give just to forget
The cracking whip that splits the skin
The rustic chains that twist and clench
Bodies churn in the lake of icy blood
I have forsaken all that I loved.
I will stand as the beaten horse but I will fall as the ones before
Endless pain
Begging for help, begging for death
No god that reigns, no son that shines
Gasping for air as we’re smothered in fire
the beast stands above but doesn’t permit us to die.
All that we’ve lost all that we’ve gave
our lives were nothing but a serpents game.
Salvation is lost as we pled in our own doom.
When will this war be over for us?
Violence and pain, anger and rage.
Weep for me father as I am (forever) lashed.
My mangled hands can’t cradle the dying dove.
All I know is tragedy, all I’ve learned is death and anxiety.
And if there is any meaning to this life.
then there is meaning in my suffering.
Track Name: Gypsy Eyes
These dreams were never meant to satisfy.
Awkward eyes, broker smiles.
We peer into the oblivion of the inanimate.
Nothing I see is real anymore.
I should’ve ran for my life
Midnight seizures of that cold nights relentless fuck.
I feel the loneliness and I just want to go back home.
Thieves, vultures, parasites
False idols leading on blind lives.
I’ve wasted too much time on this midnight contortionist.
Our virgin Mary’s bloom to single, white trash mothers.
I’ll be your late night release.
I know these waves of emptiness will never cease.
Another twenty first century failure, me.
I’ll keep pissing away my American dreams
because it’s all I’ve ever done.